I’m currently accepting work! Contact me via email at mkbrinks@gmail.com for more information.

You can download my résumé here or look below for links to my online work.



As co-creator and host, I’ve been producing a podcast dedicated to pop culture analysis for two years. I outline and research extensively, as well as edit each episode to ensure quality.

5 Pokemon Designs More Worth of Complaining About Than Brionne

This is a joke article that contains exactly zero jokes. The clickbait title is intentional. Pokemon designs are both bad and good.

Firewatch, Gone Home, and the Power of a Good Bad Ending

Bad endings are good, sometimes, especially in video games, when they force us out of the hero role.

Makin’ Woohoo: The Sims and My Sexual Awakening

A personal look at my relationship with The Sims, which is embarrassing and earnest and hopefully not something my family will ever read.

For more, visit my clippings.me portfolio, my author page at Women Write About Comics, or my author page at Game Rant.



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